3M 158 Ribbon Cable Sockets & 159 Shrouded Headers

3M's 2mm 158 Ribbon Cable Sockets and 159 Shrouded Boardmount Headers provide a robust and compact cable-to-board connection solution. The 159 Series Shrouded Boardmount Headers maximize design flexibility while minimizing the PCB footprint, and mate to the 158 Series Ribbon Cable Sockets. The 158 Series Ribbon Cable Sockets provide a reliable ribbon cable to board interface in a variety of applications, terminate to 1mm pitch ribbon cable. 3M offers each series in multiple configurations. Configurations include an adhesive-backed cover for robust termination, "sword pack" to deliver higher speed termination operations, and friction-latch configurations for increased protection against accidental disconnect. 3M's 2mm 158 Series and 159 Series are well-suited for industrial production equipment, communications, military/aerospace, and computer/datacom applications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 3M cannot guarantee reliable electrical performance when connected to competitive products. Claims of "mating" refer to physical fit only. Customers should evaluate electrical performance of mated pairs from dissimilar manufacturers to determine suitability of use in their application. 


  • Enables mass termination of discrete wire cable
  • Increases cover retention
  • Increases holding force of socket to header
  • Orients and aligns sockets to reduce sorting and orientation steps during termination
  • Pre-assembled cover eliminates manual pre-assembly step


  • 1A current rating
  • >1x109Ω at 500VDC insulation resistance
  • 500VACrms voltage rating at sea level
  • -55°C to +105°C temperature range


  • Industrial production equipment
  • Communications
  • Military/aerospace
  • Computer/datacom applications
Published: 2011-12-16 | Updated: 2022-11-10