3M Connectors Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Connectors

Cables can compromise high-speed signal delivery while causing physical congestion. New solutions incorporating the award-winning 3M™ Twin Axial Cable enable density without sacrificing performance, providing excellent high-speed performance at a great value. Twin Axial Cable's flat ribbon design allows for an ultra-tight bend radius and multiple folds while performing at incredibly high speeds.

3M brings the speed, flexibility and foldability of Twin Axial Cable to popular industry standard interfaces including SFP+, QSFP+, miniSAS, SATA, PCI Express (PCIe), and more. These cables can be efficiently routed‚ making multiple folds and bends to save space and improve airflow while performing at incredibly high speeds.


3M offers one of the largest ranges of connectors for disk drive storage devices and removable memory cards based on popular industry standards. 3M™ Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Connector and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) are designed to reduce size, increase transmission speed, improve data reliability and facilitate ease of use. SAS connectors from 3M meet SFF 8482 Standard. Where first generation SAS connectors supported data rates up to 3Gbps, second generation miniSAS doubles that data rates to 6Gbps. MiniSAS products conform to the SFF 8086, 8087, and 8088 standards.
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The 3M™ Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Connector solution is a next generation, high-speed interface for optical, solid state, and hard disk drive (HDD) applications aimed at reducing size, increasing transmission speed, improving data reliability, and increasing ease of use. SATA, along with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), is the next in 3M’s development for serial data I/O solutions targeting the disk drive storage market.
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3M Mini SAS is the next generation serial attached SCSI (SAS) interface. 3M is releasing a complete line of mini multi-lane 4i SAS products, called 'mini SAS'. 3M™ Mini SAS Interconnect System provides connectors and cable assemblies for internal and external applications. mini SAS is defined by standards of SFF8087, SFF8088, and SAS 1.1. The product platform is designed to improve the connectivity and increase the package density in applications where it is used in place of standard SAS multilane products. It is an ideal interconnect solution for the growing enterprising computing market.
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CFast™ Card

New 3M Headers for CFast™ Cards interface to the new CFast high performance serial flash memory cards. CFast is the latest standard issued by the Compact Flash® Association and incorporates Serial ATA (SATA) performance into the established CompactFlash form factor. 
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SFP+ Series Cable Assemblies feature 3M™ Twin Axial Cable technology to create a high performance, flexible, foldable solution for space-constrained systems. The low profile, lightweight design virtually eliminates high-frequency resonance, allowing the cable to fold and bend with minimal to no impact on performance. SFP+ cable's very small bend radius enables efficient routing in tight spaces to achieve even greater density and help improve airflow. Capable of achieving transmission rates up to 10Gbps per channel for up to 5 meters, the 3M SFP+ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies are well-suited for telecommunications, high capacity I/O storage, networking, high-bandwidth switches, routers and servers, and Network Interference Cards (NICs) applications.
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3M's 8F36 Series High Routability Internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI (MiniSAS) Cable Assemblies are the ideal choice for space constrained systems due to their exceptional foldability with minimal loss and performance impact. These unjacketed, extremely thin, and very flexible assemblies utilize 3M's new ultra low-profile, high-speed, high-signal density 3M™ SL8800 Series Twin Axial Cable that provides excellent transmission properties allowing signals to travel a longer distance. In addition, the excellent performance of 3M's SL8800 Series Twin Axial Cable used in the construction of the 8F36 Series stretches the user's loss budget, allowing him to use extra length to route the cable through a more convenient location, out of the way of airflow, or around difficult obstructions. Even if folded multiple times, 3M's unique High Routability Internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI (MiniSAS) Cable Assemblies meet SAS 2.1 performance requirements.
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Designers of enterprise computing systems using PCI Express (PCIe) now have a more versatile interconnect solution. The 3M™ Twin Axial Cable Assembly for PCI Express Extender Card Applications, now available from the 3M Electronic Solutions Division, is a high-performance interconnect capable of a variety of routing configurations, helping to increase system density and flexibility, while also designed to reduce cost.
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Published: 2010-06-23 | Updated: 2022-03-11