3M SPD08 Connectors

3M™ SPD08 High-Speed Card-Edge Connectors are board-to board connectors suitable for use in mezzanine board stacking designs requiring transmission of high-speed (up to 15Gbps), high density, controlled impedance signals, as well as wire-to-board designs requiring transmission of high speed signals (up to 25Gbps). SPD08 features a high density 0.8mm pitch, two-row design to conserve board space and simplify trace routing. These connectors offer flexible stacking height (16mm to 40mm) with the use of a PCB intermediate riser card. The embedded ground plane with riser card limits row-to-row crosstalk and enhances signal integrity. SPD08 supports XAUI, PCI Express (Gen 1/2/3), SATA, and other application speeds. The 3M SPD08 High-Speed Card-Edge Connectors are well-suited for datacom systems, enterprise servers, telecommunications equipment, and defense and test applications.


  • Supports high-speed board-to-board connections
    • Controlled impedance, crosstalk limiting contact design supports speeds up to 15Gbps (at 30mm stack height)
    • Embedded ground plane within riser card limits row-to-row crosstalk and enhances signal integrity
    • Supports XAUI , PCI Express (Gen 1/2/3), SATA and other application speeds
  • Flexible stacking height and robust connection
    • Supports flexible stacking height (16mm to 40mm) with the use of a PCB intermediate riser card
    • Robust contact design is tolerant of misalignment, provides a reliable connection and supports blind mate
  • High density board footprint
    • High density (0.8mm pitch), two-row design conserves board space and simplifies trace routing
  • Flexible design options
    • 20 to 200 contact positions
    • Available with optional latches for robust mechanical stability
    • 0.5A current rating per contact for mixed signal and power applications
  • Widespread applicability
    • Supports up to 25Gbps wire-to-board applications using 3M™ Twin Axial Cable terminated to the edge


  • Copper alloy contacts and solder tabs
  • Housing:
    • LCP, black, UL 94V-0 connector
    • LCP, beige, UL 94V-0 latch
  • Current Rating:
    • 3A @ 30°C (single contact)
    • 0.5A per contact
  • 50mΩ max. contact resistance
  • 50VAC voltage rating 
  • 85Ω and 100Ω systems characteristic impedance 
  • 7.5GHz (rated at -2dB insertion loss for 30mm stack height board-to-board applications) transmission rate 
  • -55°C to +125°C temperature range


  • Datacom systems
  • Enterprise servers
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Defense and test applications
Published: 2011-10-27 | Updated: 2022-03-11