3M Connectors N7G24 Connectors for CFast™ Cards

3M Connectors N7G24 Connectors for CFast™ Cards mate with CFast I and II high-performance serial flash memory cards. CFast is issued by the CompactFlash® Association and incorporates Serial ATA (SATA) performance into the established CompactFlash form factor. This board-mount 3M N7G24 connector is available in a low-profile configuration, or with optional 2mm standoffs that allow the designer to populate the board underneath an inserted card. Integral grounding clips discharge electrostatic charge before the card mates with the connector, thereby protecting its sensitive electronic circuits. Extended guide rails reduce the possibility of misalignment during card installation and prevent the card from "flying" out during ejection. Optional dual-push ejectors are available to provide two points of force against the card for smooth card removal.


  • Headers mate with both CFast ™ Type I and Type II cards
  • Extended guide rails enable accurate and easy card insertion
  • Single row surface mount co-planar solder tails facilitate auto placement, IR soldering, higher yields, and simplified inspection
  • 10,000 mating cycles
  • Optional 2mm board standoff enables board population
  • Meets CFA standards for known compatibility and reliability
  • Optional ejector and card retainer can be purchased pre-assembled or separately
  • Side solder tab provides additional rigidity during board processing and use in field
  • Integral solder tab grounding feature discharges ESD before card mates with the header
  • Long guide rails prevent the card from "flying" out of header during ejection
  • See the Regulatory Information Appendix (RIA) in the "RoHS compliance" section of www.3Mconnector.com for compliance information (RIA E1 & C1 apply)


  • Factory automation
  • Industrial controls
  • Semiconductor/LCD manufacturing machines
  • Medical
  • Packaging systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Motion test and measurement systems
  • Traffic light and control systems
  • Elevators/lift systems
  • Elevator controls
  • Flow meters
  • Pressure sensors (air, water)
  • Gaming
  • LED lighting
  • Signage
  • Food and packaging industries
  • Automotive and metal industries
Published: 2010-08-31 | Updated: 2022-03-11