3M Connectors 2500 / D2500 Four-Wall Box Headers

3M Connectors 2500 / D2500 Four-Wall Box Headers feature a low-profile, space-saving design that measures 0.100" x 0.100". These connectors are available in surface-mount and through-hole versions. The through-hole version is suitable for reflow soldering using "paste-in-hole" techniques. Exposed solder tails (on right-angle versions) offer ease of cleaning and reduced repair costs. 3M Connectors 2500 / D2500 Four-Wall Box Headers provide a center-slot polarization to reduce insertion time and prevent incorrect insertions.


  • Low-profile, space-saving design
  • Center slot polarization reduces insertion time and prevents incorrect insertions
  • Dual-slot polarization means broader compatibility with competitive polarization designs (not 6, 8, or 10 position)
  • Optional retainer clip for locking sockets in place and increasing connection reliability in vibration-prone environments
  • High-temperature insulator suitable for "no lead" soldering operations
  • High-temperature insulator in through-hole versions suitable for "paste in hole" reflow soldering
  • Exposed solder tails (on right-angle versions) are designed to provide ease of cleaning and reduce repair costs
  • Straight surface-mount version available
Published: 2009-03-13 | Updated: 2022-03-11