Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated MAX40080 Evaluation System

Analog Devices MAX40080 Evaluation System is a single platform to evaluate the MAX40080 precision digital current-sense amplifier. The kit has two boards connected through headers, a MAX32666FTHR microcontroller board, and the MAX40080 EV kit board. The MAX32666FTHR contains the firmware necessary to use the PC GUI program. It provides power to the MAX40080 EV kit board. The Analog Devices MAX40080 EV kit board features preinstalled jumpers for quick evaluation of the MAX40080.


  • Easy-to-reach test points
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10-compatible software
  • Base-station PA control
  • Battery operated devices
  • Industrial control and automation
  • Server backplanes
  • Telecom equipment
Published: 2021-11-18 | Updated: 2023-04-17