Melexis MLX90395 Triaxis® Magnetometer Nodes

Melexis MLX90395 Triaxis® Magnetometer Nodes are miniature sensor ICs capable of measuring 3D magnetic fields, temperatures, and supply voltages. The automotive-grade 3D hall effect sensors can detect the absolute position of nearly any nearby magnet and includes programmable parameters to optimize power, noise, and speed. The MLX90395 selectable measurement data can be read over I2C or SPI bus. The sensors are runtime programmable and offer on-chip temperature compensation of the measured units. The selectable measurement duty cycle enables unsurpassed micro-power functionality. Melexis MLX90395 Triaxis Magnetometer Nodes are AEC-Q100 qualified.


  • Triaxis hall technology
  • Automotive-grade (AEC-Q100)
  • Micro-power with programmable duty cycle
  • Selectable digital output
    • 16-bit magnetic (XYZ)
    • 16-bit supply voltage (V)
    • 14-bit temperature (T)
  • At runtime programmable modes
    • Single measurement
    • Burst mode up to 2kHz (XYZ)
    • Wake-up on change (WOC) mode
  • Programmable measurement range
  • Extended magnetic sensing range option
  • On-chip magnetic calibration data
  • 8-bit measurement cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
  • Measurement counter
  • Selectable bus protocol/Slave node
    • Up to 10MHz SPI or 1MHz I2C
  • 48-bit unique ID number
  • RoHS compliant, green packages


  • HMI non-contacting potentiometers
    • Joystick with push
    • Rotary with push
    • Linear (long stroke)
  • Top-column modules
    • Stalk position
    • Function sensor
  • Center stack
    • Shifter position sensor
    • Multimedia rotary/Push selector
    • Knobs/Levers
  • Body control
    • Door handle and door lock
    • Mirror position

Block Diagram

Melexis MLX90395 Triaxis® Magnetometer Nodes


Published: 2020-06-23 | Updated: 2022-06-15