Mill-Max Pin Receptacles

Mill-Max Pin Receptacles, also referred to as PCB sockets, micro-plugs, or connector jacks, are board-level connectors known for their reliability and versatility. The two-piece construction combination of a precision-machined outer shell and a stamped internal finger contact provides flexibility, quality, and reliability for critical applications. Mill-Max Pin Receptacles offer excellent performance under shock and vibration as well as a high mechanical life without degradation from insertion / withdrawal forces.


  • Two-piece construction consisting of a precision-machined outer shell and a stamped internal beryllium copper contact
  • Receptacle shell geometries machined to address a variety of termination styles and applications
  • Shell and contact are individually plated
  • Wide mating lead diameter acceptance range
  • Low contact resistance
  • Gas-tight connection and mating interface
  • Selection of higher or lower force contacts for the majority of mating pin sizes
  • Options available for high-temperature applications via beryllium nickel contacts
  • High mechanical life without degradation of insertion / withdrawal forces
  • Excellent performance under shock and vibration


  • Fuses
  • Miniature switches
  • DC/DC converters
  • Miniature relays
  • Horizontal SMT
  • LCD backlight displays
  • Flex circuits
  • Filters
  • LEDs
  • Capacitors
  • 7-segment displays
  • Lamps
  • Connectors
  • Sensors
  • Amplifier modules
  • Magnetic transducers
  • Image sensors
  • Crystal oscillators


Published: 2018-05-09 | Updated: 2023-07-12