NDK NT2016SA 40MHz TCXO Oscillators

NDK NT2016SA 40MHz Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs) feature a 40MHz nominal frequency in a 2mm x 1.6mm package. NDK NT2016SA Oscillators offer clipped sine wave output and ±2ppm (-40°C to +85°C) frequency/temperature characteristics. These TCXOs include 3.3V typical supply voltage and 1.7mA maximum current consumption.


  • 2mm x 1.6mm dimensions
  • 40MHz typical nominal frequency
  • TCXO clipped sine wave output
  • 3.3V supply voltage
  • ±2ppm (-40°C to +85°C) frequency/temperature characteristics


  • 1.7mA maximum current consumption
  • 0.8Vp-p minimum output voltage
  • 10kΩ typical load impedance (resistance part)
  • 10pF typical load impedance (parallel capacitance)
Published: 2021-11-17 | Updated: 2022-04-26